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Research and Application Progress of Photochromic Materials

Sha Lv

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan, China.

*Corresponding author: Sha Lv

Published: 5 August 2022 How to cite this paper


In this paper, by discussing the research and application progress of photochromic materials, we can clearly and intuitively understand that the current high-tech research fields in our country focus on the research of photochromic materials. It is said that photochromism is some chemical reaction produced by the material when it is irradiated by light. Under the irradiation of light, it can present colorful color-changing materials. It has a history of 150 years. For photochromic materials, the research is of great significance, and its development has more promising prospects. Based on this, this paper focuses on thinking and exploration from the research and application progress of photochromic materials, and puts forward corresponding suggestions, which are willing to share with you.

KEYWORDS: Color-changing material, Research, Application progress


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[3] Zhu Zhenguo. (2018). Preparation and properties of phase change energy storage microcapsules with photochromic function [M]. Tianjin Polytechnic University, 2018-06-05.

How to cite this paper

Sha Lv. Color-changing material, Research, Application progress. OA Journal of Chemistry and Materials, 2022, 1(1), 4-6.

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